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Brent Bortnick

Commissioner for Oaths
Office Manager

My Story

Brent started his career in Information Technology (IT). He built and managed IT infrastructure for two multi-million dollar businesses in Edmonton. In both businesses, he was promoted to operations manager. In 2000, he founded, a company dedicated to the creation of websites and management of IT infrastructure for small to large businesses, which he still runs today. In the spring of 2021, he packed up his family in their Jayco Travel Trailer and they headed out of the City of Edmonton in hopes for greener pastures. In November, 2021, Brent and his family settled on an acreage in Westerose, Alberta, next to The Village at Pigeon Lake.


Brent's background in IT and operations management puts him in a unqiue position when it comes to analyzing businesses and their processes. He takes a pragmatic approach to all that he does and ensures that he offers value to others. He is a passionate member of the community and enjoys engaging with and meeting new people.

If you have visited the Village ay Pigeon Lake and you enjoy craft beer, chances are you have met Brent at Familia. Brent is a father of three, a homeschool parent, a Volunteer Firefighter with the South Pigeon Lake Fire Department, an avid golfer, a bee keeper and a passionate homesteader. He is the founder of Pigeon Lake Cabin Care, a company providing a variety of services to property and property owners in and around Pigeon Lake.


-Commissioner for Oaths, 2023

-Bulletproof Manager, 2012, Crestcom

-Webbuilder 2.0, 2001, University of Alberta,

-Microcomputer Specialist, Diploma, 2000, Grant MacEwan University 

Awards & Recognition

-Lakedell Pie Eating Champion 2019

-Lakedell Donut Eating Champion 2022




6B Village Drive, Westerose, Alberta, T0C 2V0

2nd Floor -The Village of Pigeon Lake, Westerose, Alberta

Tel:  (780) 559-2643

Fax:  (780) 670-0102


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